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Marine Neuilly - Je Préfère Ça

Marine Neuilly - Je Préfère Ça

Disco House


  1. Marine Neuilly - Je Préfère Ça
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Marine Neuilly

Marine Neuilly is a DJ, songwriter, and musician born and raised in Paris. Since her childhood, she has been drawn to music, creating mixtapes on cassette tapes with her favorite tracks played on the radio.

Influenced by the Ramones and punk culture, she founded Les Plastiscines in 2006, an all-female rock band. After two albums and numerous concerts, the group gained international recognition, including a notable presence in the American series Gossip Girl.

In 2012, Marine embarked on a solo DJ career at Baron's school, becoming a "selector" DJ and showcasing her talents as a musical artistic director. Recently, she collaborated with the Château Voltaire hotel for the release of an exclusive vinyl, adding a new dimension to her artistic career.

In her mixes, she blends all her influences: from her rock beginnings to French variety, film soundtracks to funk and disco, all sprinkled with pop culture references.

Marine released her first track on LESIXTYNINE MUSIQUE, as an hommage to Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin’s famous crossover interview. ‘Je Préfère Ça’ brings you into a French disco balearic groove as an introduction to her musical universe.

IG @marineneuilly